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May I introduce my second great-grandparents, Dr Nathan Blunt Kennedy and Susan William Lee Martin Kennedy!

A few weeks ago, my cousin Susan gave me some old photos scanned onto a disc, that she was using for a family project. Several of the images I already had, but there were also several that I had never seen before. This was one of the new ones. I have been studying this ever since and have been hoping against hope that it might be Dr Kennedy! I had sent a message to Susan and she was trying to find out from her mom (my Aunt Kathy) if she knew who these folks were, as Kathy has the original images.

Well, when I got home from work this evening, there was an email from Susan, and…


This photo is Nathan Kennedy and his wife (my namesake), Susan William Lee Kennedy.  Are you doing a happy dance yet???  LOL!”

I AM SO EXCITED!!! I am going to print this image out full-size and find a very special frame for it! It is such an amazing shot! Even the veins in the good doctor’s hand are visible! Dr Kennedy was born in 1837, and he looks to be no more than 40 years old in this image, probably younger. Dr Kennedy and his family moved to Hillsboro, Texas in about the spring of 1871, so this image must have been taken very near to that time period, soon after arriving in Texas.

2 thoughts on “It’s Happy Dance time!

  1. Greta Koehl says:

    What a jackpot! I also love the doctor’s well-worn boots and the gloves (?) your great-great grandmother is wearing. A great character portrait AND great for period details.


  2. Lidian says:

    Oh Ruth, I am SO happy for you! What an amazing find – and an amazing photograph!!

    Laura (in my other, WordPress guise, but it is me all the same)


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