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Until the Civil War Union Pension File for Isaac Turner arrives!

My economic stimulus check arrived a couple of days ago, so after I paid a few other bills (my laptop is paid off!), I ordered my second great-grandfather’s file this morningI I can hardly wait! When I ordered the files for N B Kennedy a couple of years ago, I think it only took 2-3 weeks. I was really surprised that the documents arrived so quickly! I am excited!

I have also been uploading Descendant Reports for my main surnames to the Surnames page. As I go through my database and update each family, I’ll add Family Group sheets for each surname.

This morning I backed up my database to my external hard drive. I had planned to do this weekly, but, oops, it’s been a month! Shame, shame! I also backed up some other important files, including my pictures. It’s amazing how many photos of Hannah Montana/Miley Cirus that my granddaughter manages to download to my hard drive! I deleted the whole bunch a few weeks ago, because she’s sucking up all of my hard drive space (not really, but it seems like it!), and now there are more. So I moved them all off to separate location, ‘cuz I’m not even gonna waste my external drive for teeny-bopping! :)


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