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Those prolific Kennedys…

…have kept me busy for several weeks! I am happy to say that I have “completed” the research of the family of John Kennedy of Sumter County, Alabama. This afternoon I added the last references and sources to my Family Tree Maker database, and have uploaded a current Outline Descendant Report for John Kennedy and Family Group Sheets for each of his seven children to the Kennedy Surname Page. Of course, I will continue to watch out for any new info, as the research is never really finished. But now I can move on to the next surname. I think since I have already started a Turner Surname Page, that will be my next project. My great-grandmother Mary Tennessee Turner was the 13th of 14 children, so the Turners should keep me busy for months to come!

I was also able to do some more work on the Chatt-Jessie Cemetery Page, I have almost all of the images uploaded now and I hope to finish that job in the next few days.

And do I still like WordPress? I love it! Although the image gallery and the uploading of images is a bit “Mickey Mouse”, overall I am still very pleased!

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What a great idea!

I read several genealogy blogs and many of the folks writing those blogs talk about their research and how several family members often work together to get the job done. And I frequently hear that genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the United States. Well, guess what… other than the folks behind these blogs, I don’t personally know another soul who is actively engaged in family history research! I have an uncle who is somewhat interested, but is so busy with his church activities and caring for my ailing aunt that he really doesn’t have much time for anything else. And that’s ok. Another aunt once did some research but not in several years. And that’s about it for my little part of the world.

So how to get folks interested? We all know how addicting and all-consuming the hunt can be once we get started, but where to begin. What can I do to encourage my own family to get involved?

Maybe there is a way….

Genealogy Addiction has a great idea: a family history newsletter! Something that I could create and email 2-3 times per year, and that would include tidbits from our family’s past, as well as current happenings. The newsletter would be sent to my “regular” family, as well as all the “new” cousins I have met through my research.

This seems like a great way to share what I’ve learned with all of my family, and I might even manage to pick up some new photos, documents and family stories!

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This is it!

I have decided to delete my old Blogger genealogy blog. There is nothing but a “store front” at the site now. I want to concentrate on this site! All of the Blogger posts, including images, are available here.

Yesterday I was able to add Family Group Sheet pages for all of my main Kennedy ancestors. In doing this, I realized I still have some work to do with that family. I really like having the ability to create a Surname sub-page for each family group.

I also took advantage of the custom domain upgrade at WordPress, so now it’s…!