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Once upon a time, I had a zillion digital images saved on my computer. Well, one day my daughter was using my computer and called me at work to ask “Mom, what does fatal exception mean…?”

Needless to say, it was the dreaded “blue-screen-of-death” and my hard drive had crashed! Fortunately, my daughter also had a friend who was a computer whiz. She was able to save almost all of my precious data, and replaced my hard drive. Thank you, Jessica!

Since that fateful day, I have been concerned about backing-up my data, and have tried many options. Discs don’t hold enough, flash drives don’t hold enough, etc. I currently have 3 usb flash drives hanging from my desk, all full. So when I graduated to DSL a couple of months ago, I decided to try online storage. For the amount of data I have (about 11 GB), the fee would be about $5/mo. Certainly reasonable. So I signed up.

Then I began the upload process. A week later, the job was finished.! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen! It took about 3 times as long to upload 1 image as it would had I done it manually.

Well, I was visibly unimpressed, as a doctor I used to know frequently commented. There had to be another option. So yesterday I went to my local Best Buy and checked out their external hard drives. I settled on one that has 160 GB of space (remember, I currently only need 11 GB), costs about $100 and is about the size of a PDA. It took less than an hour to back-up everything to the external hard drive, including my genealogy research and a big bunch of digital images.

One thought on “A back-up solution

  1. rjseaver says:


    Are you going to keep your online backup storage? I suggest that you do “just in case” you get that once in a lifetime fire, flood, tornado or hurricane or other natural distaster. Or find some other method, like providing DVDs or other media to family or friends away from your home.

    I have a 150 gb external drive and it has worked well. I used to copy to CDs and store them at work, but now I don’t have that option any longer. I give CDs of my databases and the year’s photos to my kids for Christmas and ask them to save them. I doubt they look at them, but I know they are there!

    Cheers — Randy


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