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Well, here goes… I have the home page “Welcome” completed, so next step will be the links page. That will actually be pretty simple: just copy & paste the links into state categories.

My plans at this time for the cemetery page are to use thumb nails for the images. If someone is interested in the original photos, they can then email me and I will send the pix. This will solve the impending storage problem. If my plans for this site work as I hope, I will probably purchase more storage at a later time. And I have a really neat freeware program, Easy Thumbnails, that in 2 clicks converts a single image or an entire folder full of images into thumbnail images. This has to be the simplest program I have ever used!

The Surname pages will comprise the heart of my research. I have created a hierarchy of pages, with the Surname page as the parent page, then the particular surname (ex: Kennedy), then the individual page (ex: Nathan Blunt Kennedy). The particular surname page will contain an outline descendant report, and the individaul page a family group sheet and relevant images and documents.

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    The new blog looks great! Keep us posted on how you like WordPress.


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