Notes from the past…

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A bit of sping cleaning…

I am on vacation this week, so on Sunday I started with some serious spring cleaning. Fortunately, I live in a small, 2-bedroom duplex, so there wasn’t too awful much to do. I mainly wanted to locate my closet, again. It’d been sooooooo long… Anyway, I finished up my spring cleaning this morning, so now it’s back to research!
I finished (for now) Dr. Kennedy’s bio at although during the process I discovered I have lost part of his obit from the Hillsboro Mirror. I have a photocopy of the obit that I got from my aunt, but I also had one that I printed out from the Hillsboro City Library’s microfilmed collection. Between the two, I was able to transcribe the obit to the bio page. But I really want the microfilmed copy. So, I’m hoping to make a trip to Hillsboro one day this week while I’m on vacation. Hopefully Thursday or Friday, weather permitting. Right now, all of north Texas is under a flash-flood warning. Raining cats and dogs out there, folks!
So, I need to make a list of items to look for when I get to Hillsboro. It’s about an hour’s drive from my house, so I certainly want to use the time wisely and get as much as I can!

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A few old photos

There is an article in the Ft Worth Star-Telegram this morning about a display of old Ft Worth photos soon to appear in New York City. These post-WWII images are from a huge collection of 20,000 negatives acquired by actress and photographer Diane Keaton. They are scenes of everyday life and everyday people from the Cowtown of the 1940′s into the 1970′s. The originals, without names, belonged to a photographer named Bill Wood, who had a commercial studio in Ft Worth that closed in 1973. It’s not clear how Ms. Keaton ended up with the negatives, but she immediately saw their value and chose to share many. A forthcoming book, Bill Wood’s Business, in also in the works. I am exciting to read about this collection and hoping to recognize an ancestor or 2! The exhibit will be at the International Center of Photography, May 16-Sep 7 2008.