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I recently ordered a book from “Bloody Banners and Barfoot Boys: A History of the 27th Alabama Infantry, CSA”. As my 2nd great-grandfather was a physician during the Civil War with this unit, I have been doing as much research as I can into the 27th Alabama. While Dr. Kennedy is not mentioned specifically in the book, I am still quite pleased with this find.

“Bloody Banners” details the history of the 27th Alabama Infantry Regiment, from its conception 24 December 1861 in Florence, Alabama, through three years of fighting and incredible hardships in 8 different states, until its surrender to Federal forces in North Carolina in April of 1865. Along the way, the 27th Alabama was involved in the Battles of Fort Donaldson in Febuary 1862, Kennesaw Mountain in June 1864, Atlanta in July 1864, Franklin, Tennessee in Novemeber 1864, and Bentonville, North Carolina in March 1865, as well as numerous smaller skirmishes. This book was based partly on the war diary of J. P. Cannon, a common foot soldier with the 27th. His diary gives minute details that might never be found in a history book. A retreat through Kentucky in October 1862: “as our three days’ rations consisted of five biscuits and a small piece of bacon…”
A fascinating read that certainly gives context to this period of my ancestor’s life.


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