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My boss is coming back to work this next week part-time, so there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel! So, very soon I will be able to really get back into genealogy!
A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a lady in Ohio who is reseaching the surname Carrico. A new “cousin”! She found this blog and read my posts about my 2nd great-grandfather Crist Hayes Carrico and made the connection. She has been able to give me a lot of info and confirm my suspicion about his parents. I had previously found in the 1880 census for Liberty township, Stoddard Co, Missouri a Benjamin Carrica family who had a son named Chris who was the right age, with Benjamin being from Kentucky, which matched the confirmed info in the 1900 census entry for Crist Carrico. But I was not really sure about the Carrica family being the same as Crist Carrico‘s family. Apparently I was correct in my assumption. My Carrico apparently is related to numerous Carricos of Bullitt Co, KY. My new cousin also sent me some marriage info and several other names to check out. I still have to document everything, of course, but it looks pretty good at this point.
This is pretty exciting for me, not just because of the new data, but because this lady is the first “cousin” that I have met from my Mom’s side of the family! I have met several from my Dad’s side, but now this lady is the first fraternal “cousin”.
A few months ago I commented that when gets a bit more of its Texas Birth and Death Collections completed, that I was planning a subscription. That time is drawing closer. A few days ago, I did a bit of searching and found several birth certificates for “lesser” players, some of my more distant Bennett kin mostly. At $1.95 per copy without a subscription, I’m not ready to start downloading just yet, but maybe in a few more months, hopefully by summer…

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  1. Lidian says:

    That is really exciting! I look forward to hearing more about your Carricos. What is the origin of the surname – it is Spanish originally?


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