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I have looked at several “social networking/genealogy” sites, because I think they have a lot of potential for sharing genealogical information and connecting family members. Geni, MyHeritage, and WeRelate all seem to be good options.
However, in an effort to concentrate and organize my efforts, I have decided to use for several reasons. First of all, I believe Footnote is the best site for the serious family historian. Access to original documents at a very reasonable price is probably the top selling point. Unlimited document storage is also available. And I really like the story pages concept. Here I can write about my ancestors and include photographs and supporting documents.
So, this morning I have been tweeking my account at a bit, and I have started my first story page, about my 2nd great-grandfather Dr. Nathan Blunt Kennedy.

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  1. Lidian says:

    I like Footnote too, though have not found much on it yet. Think I will, eventually…I have tagged you for a meme – no obligation though…


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