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Not much genealogical research, at least not in the traditional use of the term…
The here and now is always more important. By that, I mean… my living ancestors! My dad is doing very well after his triple bypass of a month ago. I went to visit him in Louisiana the weekend before Thanksgiving. I went to physical therapy with him one day, and was very impressed. He walked on the treadmill for 18 minutes at a pretty good pace, then rode the stationary bicycle, then a bit of work with weights, all under close supervision, of course. The next day was Saturday, and he didn’t go to PT because of the weekend. So we went for a walk instead. As we walked up a hill heading back to his house, he asked me, “Am I walking too fast for you?” This from a 78-year-old man who is one month post triple bypass surgery! Anyway, he is doing great, and I am very thankful!
I have been very busy with Thanksgiving and watching my granddaughter this past week, so I haven’t done any research. I continue to check my Bloglines account daily, keeping up with reading all those genealogy blogs. They are a fantastic source of inspiration and ideas for research!
Other than the above, I have continued to work on the Lampasas County Marriage transcriptions. And I am always on the look-out for any new clues or pieces to the puzzle!
I may not get much more work done from now until New Years, as this is such a busy time of the year. But, you never know…


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