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I have a busy week ahead. I am a volunteer for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, RAOGK, which is an organization whose members volunteer to do genealogical records look-ups, take cemetery photos, anything genealogical basically for people who live too far away or are unable to go to those sites to obtain the information for themselves. My kindness is to do cemetery look-ups and take digital photos of headstones in Tarrant and Hill counties. A couple of days ago, I got a request to try to find the cemeteries where a couple of people are buried, and then the very next day I got a request to go to a known cemetery and take photos of some headstones for a person in California. This is exciting! I have been a volunteer for some time now, but usually only get a request every 3-4 months. Now I have 2 requests in 2 days! So, on Wednesday, I will get up early and head to Hill County. I also met online another volunteer for Hill County in the process of these two requests, so, if time permits, I may stop by and meet her personally! A very busy day, indeed!
I have finished transcribing the Limestone County marriage records. I just want to go over them one more time to make sure they are as correct as I can get them, then get them emailed back to the program coordinator. I may have to mail them snail-mail, as I don’t know if my ISP can handle such a large file. I’ll find out soon enough! I had intended to get that task done on Friday, but I ended up caring for my ailing granddaughter who was home sick from school instead. Gotta do that Grammaw thing, ya know!

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