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I have been watching for some time now. This site had oodles of historical documents and genealogy material. And the fee for a 1-yr membership is very reasonable at $59.95. However, I have never found anything about any of my individual ancestors…never, until tonight.
For the past few months, Footnote has been slowly adding Texas Death Certificates, 1890-1976, currently at 4% complete, and Texas Birth Certificates, 1903-1910, 1929-1929, now 20% complete. 2-3 times per month I do a quick little search, to see if any of my people have been added. And anyone who as ever attempted to secure either of these types of documents from the state or county knows that it can take several weeks to months, cost considerably more than $1.95, and there’s certainly no guarantee that you will get the correct certificate! I sent off for my grandfather’s birth certificate from the state health dept in Austin and got the birth certificate for another man in another county!
Well, this evening, I did a bit of scouting around and found the birth certificate of a deceased great-aunt, Hattie Lee Stanley! I immediately ordered a copy for $1.95 using my credit card, and in just a few minutes was rewarded with both a downloaded image and a printed copy.
I am very excited about these two databases, because I have a big bunch of ancestors who were born or died in Texas within these time periods! So, I will continue to monitor this site, and as more documents become available, I will certainly join up for the 1-year membership. I’m hoping that within a year, these databases will be complete. What a feast it will be!


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