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I have finished up with Charles and his 3 wives. And he was only in his 40’s when he died! I didn’t really learn anything new about him, just got all the info and sources into my FTM.
Next I went up a generation to Joshua F Bennett, Charles’ grandfather. Not much info on him. Before 1850, the census is not good for much. But I’ll keep looking!
All that’s left before I go on to the next surname is to organize the Bennett file and make sure I didn’t miss anything. Next will be a family from my Mom’s side. A nice change of pace!
An interesting little program I played with about a year ago has some potential for genealogical research, I think. The site is MyHeritage (Beta), and one of its activities involves using facial recognition software to “morph” an uploaded photograph into that of a celebrity. The software analyzes your photograph and compares it to celebrity pix on file and decides which celebrity your photograph most closely resembles. Your photo is then “morphed” into said celebrity. What has this to do with that faded photo of an old lady who might be a relative of yours? Simple: a soon-to-be-released program development will allow a child’s photo to be compared to those of his parents, to see which parent the child more closely resembles. So, if I have a photo of an old lady who might be my great-great-aunt, then I can compare that photo, using this facial recognition software, with a photo of my great-aunt. Although certainly not a legal document, this facial recognition might still point me in the right direction to do more intensive research into that unknown lady!
I’m excited about this because I have several old photographs from an album that belonged to my Mom. She died in 1999, and my Dad doesn’t really know who these people are. I have shown the pix to my (maternal) aunt and grandmother, and they don’t recognize them either. So, I feel pretty sure that they must be from my Dad’s family. Maybe I can compare them to other family members’ photos. Who knows? I might come with a decent match!
Here’s the “morph” that the software came up with for my great-great grandfather, Christ Hayes Carrico:

I was really hoping that Clark Gable would be a closer match!!!


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