Notes from the past…

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I really like these labels!

I have gone back and added labels to about 1/3 of these postings and have added several new labels. They are a really great ways to keep up with my posts (from a researcher’s point of view)! I wish I had done this some time ago.
I also “condensed” the posts, by deleting all the white space between paragraphs. I like the new look, but all that white space was a bit overwhelming! It looks much better now.
I may eventually change the background for the sidebar, too, if I can find (or create) something I like. The current red is good, but the text is kinda hard on the eyes.

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I think my eyeballs are going to explode!

That would be really messy, too!
I have completed my new template. After about 7 hours last night and a couple more this morning, it’s pretty much done. I think it has turned out really well.
It is now completely the new beta Blogger style, which I didn’t understand very well until I read a post on The Dummies Guide to Google Blogger (Beta) site. This is a fantastic blog, by the way. Everything you ever wanted to know about Blogger, all very easy to understand, even for me!
Anyway, my new “layout” has all the latest features of the new Blogger, including labels, a click-able link from the header image and the new recent posts/archives widget. I used most of the graphics that were in place from my “classic” blog, so it doesn’t look too different. I also kept the RockYou slideshow and my counter, also both very simple to add to the new layout.
I still have a few things I want to add, like some links to my favorite genealogy blogs and research sites, and I also wanna go back through all the posts and add labels to them, but for now, I’m pretty pleased with the look!