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I'm soooooo EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

I have finally found my sneaky great-great grandfather! (Hey Susan: If you’re reading this, this is Ma-Maw Stanley’s father!)
I read several genealogy blogs, so this evening I was reading Genealogy Roots Blog and there was a posting for online New Mexico death records.
You see, my great-great grandfather, Crist H Carrico, was the “black sheep” of the family, as he divorced my great-great grandmother and then sort of disappeared, leaving my great-grandmother to be raised in a Catholic convent. Although the disposition of my great grandmother was probably not his fault at all, he was none the less not well-liked by his in-laws, and apparently didn’t keep up with his daughter after the divorce.
When my own grandmother, now 90, speaks of Crist Carrico, it’s not with a fond voice! About all the info I have on him is a 1900 Hill County, Texas census enumeration and that he is buried in Albuquerque, New Mexico and also a photograph of a handsome man in his late 40′s-early 50′s, my great-great grandfather, Crist Hays Carrico:

So, I went to the death records site and started looking, and there he was! His name was listed as Carirco, not Carrico, but everything else matches up to what I have. He died in Lea County, New Mexico on 1 Aug 1941, aged 68 years & 6 months.
I am absolutely thrilled! I have been looking for this man for over 4 years! When I first got interested in family history, I went over to my aunt’s house and she produced an old box of photos. I found the photograph that you see here, and ever since have really been fascinated by this man. It just doesn’t seem possible that such a distinguished-looking gentleman could be the scoundrel that he is portrayed as!
First thing in the morning, I will send off for his death certificate!

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My new graphics

Here’s the new look! I’m not totally satisfied with new template, but mostly I like it. I can’t figure out why the title image is fuzzy (it wasn’t when I made it!) and I really want a 3-column template, but this one is a start.
Happy Independence Day, America! 231 years young! And to celebrate this grand occasion, has available for free their US Milestone Documents collection, which include images of the originals of the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and Abraham Lincoln’s handwritten draft of the Gettysburg Address, among others. Check it out!
I have taken a few days off from chasing those Bennett boys around, while I play around with my Blogger template, but I’ll be back next week!