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Using labels

It suddenly occurred to me this morning that I should be using the “labels” feature of Blogger. It really makes sense for surnames (duh!). I can find all my posts about Carrico, for example, pretty easily if needed, rather than have to hunt through the entire blog. So I started scrambling around, trying to figure out how to add the list of labels to the side bar. If I were using a Blogger template, it would be simple to do. But as I’m using my own template (mostly), the code has to be added manually. Next step: Google!
I found a really neat site that explains things quite simply: The Dummies Guide to Google Blogger (Beta). Using their directions, it was a piece of cake! The font isn’t exactly the same but I’ll figure that out in a minute.

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A couple of other programs I found

Here’s a couple more new programs that have come across:
The first is not a genealogy program, per se, but if you like to build your own genealogy web site, you might find it pretty helpful. It is called FontPage, a free font viewer and font examiner. “You can view any typeface in bold, italic, underline and also 3D. In addition, you can also compare two selected fonts and preview fonts that are not yet installed on your system. FontPage can also print a sample page for selected fonts or print a list of all installed fonts.”
Download it here. I plan to use it as I redesign my personal blog. I really like the way it compares fonts.
The other program is called The Complete Genealogy Reporter. “
Whatever genealogy program you use, you can now create comprehensive genealogy reports, books or web folders with fully cross-referenced narrative text, notes, sources, ancestor and descendant charts, pictures, family tree diagrams, and indexes of occupations, places, dates, anniversaries and individuals.” I can see a lot of uses for this little program. Check it out. It is shareware at $24.95, but there is a 30-day free trial period.