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I just mailed the request for Crist Carrico’s death certificate! I sorta forgot, I guess. Too much excitement! Anyway, that’s in the mail and on the way, so in about 4 weeks (if I filled out the money order correctly!) or less, maybe I’ll know a bit more about him. That’s if the state of New Mexico will give up an almost 70-year-old death certificate for a lonely old alcoholic! Their web site says you have to be an “immediate” family member. Is great-great granddaughter immediate enough for them? I guess I’ll find out. I don’t think it’s really a homeland security issue in this post 9-11 America…

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One thought on “Oooops!

  1. This is so neat Ruth!! One of these days we’re going to have to get together and let me look at what all you have. I would love some digital copies of some of the pics. How cool!

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