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I have finally found my sneaky great-great grandfather! (Hey Susan: If you’re reading this, this is Ma-Maw Stanley’s father!)
I read several genealogy blogs, so this evening I was reading Genealogy Roots Blog and there was a posting for online New Mexico death records.
You see, my great-great grandfather, Crist H Carrico, was the “black sheep” of the family, as he divorced my great-great grandmother and then sort of disappeared, leaving my great-grandmother to be raised in a Catholic convent. Although the disposition of my great grandmother was probably not his fault at all, he was none the less not well-liked by his in-laws, and apparently didn’t keep up with his daughter after the divorce.
When my own grandmother, now 90, speaks of Crist Carrico, it’s not with a fond voice! About all the info I have on him is a 1900 Hill County, Texas census enumeration and that he is buried in Albuquerque, New Mexico and also a photograph of a handsome man in his late 40’s-early 50’s, my great-great grandfather, Crist Hays Carrico:

So, I went to the death records site and started looking, and there he was! His name was listed as Carirco, not Carrico, but everything else matches up to what I have. He died in Lea County, New Mexico on 1 Aug 1941, aged 68 years & 6 months.
I am absolutely thrilled! I have been looking for this man for over 4 years! When I first got interested in family history, I went over to my aunt’s house and she produced an old box of photos. I found the photograph that you see here, and ever since have really been fascinated by this man. It just doesn’t seem possible that such a distinguished-looking gentleman could be the scoundrel that he is portrayed as!
First thing in the morning, I will send off for his death certificate!


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