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For several days I didn’t do much but lay around and whine about the Texas heat… then I decided that was kinda silly, since my whining most probably wouldn’t change anything. So, I’m back into my research after my short “vacation”!
After emailing each other for several days, I haven’t heard a peep out of my new-found cousin in almost 2 weeks, so today I sent her a note. We’ll see…
I have finished up with Henry and Benjamin Bennett and their brother James, the Outlaw. I found a Montana website from the town where James is supposed to be buried and posted a note, so maybe someone will get back to me. The area has a very good library with copies of the local newspaper dating back to the 1880’s. I’d love to be able to go there and browse the images!
This morning I went through all my saved bookmarks, genealogical and otherwise, and threw out a bunch and clarified the rest. A lot of the links were broken, but I think I got ’em all sorted out. Much more useful now, I think.
I also found some Bureau of Land Management documents, land patents actually, for George, Albert and Charles Bennett from Platte Co, Wyoming and added them to my FTM database.


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