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Bluebonnet Country Genealogy has been updated! Everything is current as of yesterday. And I finished with Albert Bennett and his 2 wives this morning. That’s 5 of the 12 Bennett kids done. I have found a lot of new info on the boys. I think it has helped enormously to finally have my files coherent and organized!
I’ve been to several sites lately that have a lot of info, but are pay sites. Most reasonable, but still pay. When I get all my records current and into my FTM database and on my BGG website (probably New Years!), that will be the next step!

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One thought on “Website update

  1. Hi Ruth! I have a suggestion for your website, if you don’t mind :0)I was thinking it would be nice to have a “What’s New” page, to make it easier for your visitors to find the new stuff you put up.I found it really interesting that we actually had a real “bandito” in the family….LOL! Nice change of pace!

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