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The huge pile of dead trees on the living room floor is….GONE! The cluttered and disorganized desk is…GONE! The numerous scraps of jibberish scattered throughout my hard drive are…GONE!
It’s true! All of those loose notes, documents and photographs that I have been accumulating in the name of FAMILY HISTORY over the past 4 years are now neatly filed away. The various genealogy-related books are in one central location so that I can actually use them, and… “I’m still standing…”, as Elton John once sung!
I do have one set of notes from my research trip to the Hill County courthouse that I have left untouched for now. I think they make better sense in their original form. As I work on each surname involved, I will probably figure out a better way to save them, but for now, they are “as is”.
I also have the notes (date, newspaper) from the articles I saved. I just need to add that info to the image properties section of each file, no big deal there.
Next task is to go through each surname file and add the info to my FTM database, with documentation, of course! As I do that, I will make a to-do list of info needed for each surname. And also a list of all the documents I have for each person, to create a timeline of sorts, a “snap-shot” of their life.

One thought on “Pretty much done!

  1. Rick says:

    Hi, Ruth. Being a genealogy nut myself, I clicked on your Blog when I saw it. I’m envious of your organizational skills. My records are a huge jumble but I just can’t seem to find the time to get it all sorted and categorized.Your surname of Hall caught my eye. There was a Hall family that seemed to always migrate westward with my line, starting from NC to TN and then to Illinois and TX.I’d love to swap stories if you feel so inclined.Rick


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