Notes from the past…

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The Filing Cabinet….

I have finished the top drawer of my 2-drawer filing cabinet. Each surname folder is neatly divided according to the male’s first name, with a family group sheet beginning each division. I bought some large clips at Staples for the larger divisions. I see now the need for 3-ring binders, but then I would also need a bookcase and would have to buy upwards of 50 binders, just to start. I think I will have to get notebooks for the larger surnames, like Hall and Stanley. Just can’t afford all that expense right now.
As I have been going through each folder, I have been adding to the pile of paper on the living room floor. Not exactly what I has planned, but when I get through with the second drawer, then I can start going through the floor “section”. When I first started looking at my family history 4 years ago, I went right out and bought a 3-ring binder that zipped shut, and had an outside pocket that held pens and pencils. I thought I was all set up and ready to go! Hah! But, again I do wish that I had started documenting properly and had developed a filing system back then. I still think it may take me all summer to get this system set up and all the info into my database!