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Wow, I have gotten so many articles from! 50 so far, including: obits from the Dallas Morning News for my great-great grandfather Miles F Stanley from 1935 and my great-great-great grandfather Dr Nathan B Kennedy from 1897, a ghost story from Dr Kennedy, a story of attempted blackmail against Mile F Stanley, and even a tale of a letter delivered to Dr Kennedy 31 years late (1863 mailed, 1894 received!):

Ain’t that just amazing!
I have also found a reference to Dr Kennedy’s wife, who had totally vanished after Dr Kennedy’s death. She is mentioned in a “society” article 2 years after his death, still living in Hillsboro!And, I have been able to narrow down a bit the date of Dr Kennedy’s daughter Hattie’s wedding to my great-great grandfather, Chris Carrico. I had “guesstimated” the date to be about 1894, based on census data and the birthdate of my great-grandmother, but I found a reference to her as “Mrs. Hattie Carrico”, dated 15 Oct 1894. is worth its weight in gold to me! Fortunately, so many of my ancestors lived in north Texas, near enough to Dallas to make the Dallas Morning News pretty frequently!

So far, all the articles have been about maternal ancestors, but when I get them all done, I’ll start on my Dad’s side of the family.

I have also been workng a new page for my website, for my favorite resources (software, books, web sites). Not quite done with it, yet.


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