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Well, now I’ve done it! Bluebonnet Country Genealogy is temporarily offline!
I took my genealogy site down this evening while I do a bit of revamping. And it wasn’t easy. It took a couple of days to get the password to my site from RootsWeb after I lost my paperwork. One of these days, I’m gonna start keeping up with that stuff! Anyway, I was about to decide that I was gonna have to move the entire site to another server ‘cuz I couldn’t get into my account, but finally RootsWeb, after I got past their security, sent me the info.
Now I just gotta remember how to use FrontPage and GED-GEN! I forget how to use that stuff pretty quickly when I don’t use it frequently.
Anyway, I’m not changing that much of the site right now, just updating a few things (my email address, dates, etc). I want to get that done and the site back up again, then I’m gonna start really getting back into my research. I still have a huge stack of data that needs to be verified and then added to my GEDCOM, and uploaded to the website, or else tossed. That is all old stuff, then I can really get into the nitty gritty of new research.


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