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Working on them files!

Painstaking ain’t the word for it! I am looking at each individual image or pdf or text file, cleaning it up as needed, renaming to clearly identify the item and then putting it into its correct surname file. No more separate census, photograph and document files! I have hundreds of items to examine and classify, four years worth. Then, when all that’s done, into my Family Tree Maker database it goes. I may need a bib before I get done!

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Time to rearrange my files (again!)

I have found and saved so many documents and references (over 80 so far!) from that the documents section of my computer database is overflowing! So, I have begun the huge task of reorganizing all my files and saving them into surname categories, instead of the generic “documents” and “photographs” categories. A big job, but one that must be done. Then, I have to decide where to put all of the said documents and references. Many are just small mentions in the “society columns”, and as such don’t really merit saving the entire articles into my Family Tree Maker database. I also want to print out “hard copies” for my filing cabinet. And I still need to back the whole thing up to my usb flash drive (I’ll probably need another one!). So, I have a lot of work ahead of me!
I went to visit my dad for a few days this past week. He lives in a rural area of northern Louisiana. There are a lot of old cemeteries in rural areas in the South, and every time I passed one I just wanted to stop and explore! Guess I’m a hopeless genealogist!

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Added Dick Eastman's blog

Today I added an RSS feed from Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter (with permission, of course!). Mr. Eastman has all the latest happenings from the world of genealogy! I read his newsletter every day and I frequently find something I can use, whether it be links to new databases, information on new genealogy software or advice for finding my sneaky great-great grandfather. A wonderful resource!
I returned home yesterday from visiting my dad for a couple of days. I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed my mini-vacation. But I didn’t neglect my research! Turns out my dad has faster web access than I do, so I was able to look for a few more folks at GenealogyBank. And I found a few references to my great-great grandfather Chris Carrico. I am slowly (very slowly!) tracking him down.