Notes from the past…

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Oops, I almost forgot…

One of James’s aunts died about a week ago, he and his cousin in Houston just found out yesterday. Seems that the aunt and her family didn’t have much to do with the rest of the family. Strange how some families are that way. They all come from the same beginnings, yet some just become “better” than the rest! Oh well, I was able to track down the obituary on to get the info, and I printed out a copy for James, so now I have something else to add to my stack to file away……

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Time To Whine!

Besides complaining about the heat, my genealogy records are a mess! I have tons of notes, scraps, computer print-outs, pictures, etc, etc, etc stacked up on my desk, my kitchen table, the floor, as well as saved email………… I REALLY NEED to go through everything, trash the trash, and file the rest in my filing cabinet and/or enter it into my FTM. “ORGANIZATION”, is that a reality or a just a word that some burned-out family historian made up to cover her own records disaster?
So, that will be my genealogy focus for the present, until the weather cools down. To keep from giving up on the whole idea before the first day has gone by, I must continually remind myself to do a little bit each day, in increments, until the job is done. If I try to tackle the whole thing at once, I’ll probably “go postal”, plus I couldn’t get it done at one time, anyway. Too much stuff!
So, for Day 1, I have gone through all my saved email, trashed what wasn’t important, and have started printing out the good stuff and will begin to enter it into FTM and then file it into the filing cabinet. That will probably take the rest of this week, at least. Wish me luck! (When I first started in family history, the first thing I did was run to Walmart and buy a zippered notebook and dividers to save “all” the information I acquired…..)

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Where have I been?

Sorry, but I haven’t done much of any genealogy lately. Haven’t done much of anything lately, actually. The weather has been so hot, I just don’t have any energy to do anything! I’ve kept up with my newsletters, and kept an eye out to anything new on the ‘Net. I’m also taking an online class about Internet Genealogy from the HP website. It’s a beginner class, but I might still learn a thing or two. Besides, it’s free, so, why not? Anyway, I’m just kinda taking some time off from genealogy. Hopefully, in about a month, the weather will start cooling down a bit around here, then I’ll get back with the program! Later!!!